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    The Promees choker named Alice Black is the most minimalist one in our offer of chokers. It is classical and beautiful, in spite of its delicacy it will attract everyone's attention. The unique element is the black chain running from the collar on the neck to the strap under bust. Alice Black Choker You will easily adapt it to any type of a bra as those...

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  • £ 13.00 In Stock

    Holly is a unique Promees choker of lacy pattern. Like Alice, it does not merge with your bra that is why it can be easily adapted to any type of underwear. The lace close to your neck is very gentle, however very nubile and attracts people's attention.

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    Tia is another lacy model in Promees offer. It is unique and very expressive. The lace around the neck is much thicker and incisive than Holly's. It is an accessory dedicated to strong women, who like to emphasize their advantages and feminity!

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    Lily is, like Alice Black, classical and minimalist - however, unlike Alice Black, Lily is made of material straps - there is no chain. It minimalist form is not a disadvantage - it makes it sexy and perfect for any stylisations - you will easily match it to most of your clothes.

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    What is the most seducing factors, here are the double straps - one pair on the neck and another one under the line of bust. In this way, in spite of the simple structure - it is unique among the other models. It has the comfort of one-size-fits-all, that is why it is just perfect for every woman, regardless of the size you wear.

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    Alice Gold is Alice Black's gold sister - the chain which merges the choker and the stripe under bust is gold. Alice Gold is a great choice if you like to feel unique in a group of people and like giving more and more to your stylisation. A great advantage of the model is that your bra does not need to have removable straps to put it on - it goes separately.

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How to combine the recent trend of a choker with the subtle straps? We are the first to have found the way to do it! Promees offers various chokers both with and without lace. Chokers along with the ornament bra straps will make your underwear even more beautiful, will make it unique and will boost your self-confidence.

Choker bralette

We remember chokers from 1990s. They were highly popular at that time. Those necklaces adherent to the body have become trendy again and are a unique accessory to every stylisation - including fancy dresses and sporty clothes.

We could not forget about the choker bralette  models by Promees. Thanks to such accessories as chokers or ornamental straps your underwear will be drawing the gaze of other as an intrigue, coquettish and seductive. Check our offer out. With the Promees accessories you will have a unique set of underwear.

All Promees product are made of the finest quality materials. Thanks to accurate designs they will perfectly fit your body.

Check out bralette choker in our store

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