The bra straps worth to be shown

We are not always willing to expose our bra straps. It is simply portrayed by the phenomenon, which involves our struggle to avoid presenting our straps. In some combinations of clothing we are eager to wear bras with removable straps as well as silicone straps and nipple covers, which makes the bra and subsequently straps unnecessary for us.

Each solution of those mentioned above might result with some inconvenience. Silicone straps do not look attractive and the strapless bras and nipple covers are not comfortable and bring a risk of sliding the construction down due to lack of straps - what shall we do then? There is a solution to every problem. Have you ever considered another strategy of not only keeping the straps on you but also exhibiting them and making them a crucial element of our clothing the same way as jewellery? We have come up with this idea! Now let us show you the effects. 

Summer colour straps! 

Not only will you not be ashamed to wear our straps, you will be proud to! The range of Promees new products now has colourful bra straps: red, pink, green and gold.  We could not omit traditional colours such as black and white. Pastel colours of straps are just perfect for summer clothes. Sports clothes will give them a youthful nature, making even a tracksuit a stylish piece of clothing and the whole will be a comfortable outfit not only in the gym.

As you review our products, you will have a chance to get some clothing for festive events. One of the solutions includes straps of choker type. The smart necklace surrounds your neck and the elegant loop will make a perfect combination with the central part of the bra. If you decide to match this kind of underwear with a stylish jacket or a smart dress, the necklace will become a piece of unique jewellery. That is a perfect way to attract other people's attention, intrigue and show the fancifulness of such combinations. 

bras with removable straps

Can straps make your outfit even more attractive?

Straps are an element of underwear which might frequently be seen by the others as it slightly moves our of our clothing. It might happen that we do not pay attention to those pieces of wearing. We only care about the straps when we wish to hide them or we simply want to do without them because of the type of clothing we are going to wear. Along with Promees you can make your outfit even more attractive and refresh the look of your clothes. Don't be afraid to experiment with various and unique patterns and colours of Promees straps as it will be real fun and an opportunity to introduce a modern and unique element to your wardrobe. 

strappy bra

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